Gift Certificate - OC Skin Care by Karie
Welcome! Create a certificate below for any occasion for yourself or as a gift. Values from $25 to $650.

Enjoy our monthly specials:

August is "Skincare for Maske Skin" Month - Homecare Special

Maskne is skin issues and breakouts due to mask-wearing 

Due to restrictions on salon appointments, we are offering products to keep your skin clear and vibrant between appointments:

  • Vivant's Skin Clarifying Clay Mask ($45*)


  • A 4-week Goat's Milk Anti-Aging Peel applied weekly. It is a gentle peel that exfoliates and helps remove dead skins cells ($85*)

*Price includes tax and shipping!

*Purchase on StyleSeat by selecting the price, click Book and a 15-minute slot, supply your address and phone number for shipping.

Or buy a gift certificate at the bottom of this page for either $45 or $85 depending on which products you want to use at home.

See the Home Page for more info.

To redeem the certificate:

- Call or email Karie to book or purchase products. There are still some restrictions during this phase
- Let her know you will be redeeming a gift certificate
- Arrive (a little early) for your appointment and ENJOY!